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Client Comments

“For nearly 30 years Jan has taken the raw material of my writing and turned it into exactly what I meant to say. My book exists because of her encouragement, support, wise advice, and occasional prodding. She has the rare ability to see both the forest and the trees, bringing together strategic thinking and implementation expertise in all her work. She is an amazing communication consultant, writer, and editor.”
Paul Knudstrup, President
Midwest Consulting Group, Inc.

“Jan has an amazing ability to make readable, comprehensible documents out of techno-babble.”
Janet Illeni, Former Publisher
M.D. News West Michigan

"Jan's careful revisions and suggestions at every level of the text have been of immense help to me in preparing academic articles. She easily adapted to the conventions of my particular field, and offered valuable guidance on the process of writing professionally. Her sensitivity and warm support make it always a pleasure to work with her."
Stephen Filler, PhD, Assistant Professor of Japanese
Department of Modern Languages and Literatures
Oakland University

“I hired Jan originally to help develop an annual report for my employer that I still use as a model for similar projects. She brought insight to the project, was professional in her management of the work, and expert in her writing and editing. Now that I am running my own shop, I work with her as a business partner when it is appropriate for our respective clients. I strongly recommend her. She operates at the highest level of ethics and integrity.”
Gretchen Johnson, Founder and Owner
WordPlay Marketing Communications LLC

“Jan’s ability to sift through the mass of information I had and help determine proper, congruent messages was a huge asset in my business materials and web content development. She took my jumble of words and turned it into informative, educational, reader-friendly content. KDIC wouldn’t be where it is today without Jan. Her services and working style have been invaluable!”
Kelly Duggan, Principal
KELLY DUGGAN Image Consulting

“Jan is a valuable player in the team that puts together our college magazine twice a year. As a writer and editor, she understands how graphic design and words work together to create something that readers value and appreciate. Her work is outstanding; we couldn’t do it without her!”
Linda Bond, PhD, RN, Project Coordinator and Professor Emeritus
Kirkhof College of Nursing
Grand Valley State University

“Jan has a unique ability to help me say what I want to say better than I can say it myself. She is a great listener and a great writer. She listens to me and then uses her unique ability to boil down a mound of text into something meaningful and succinct.”
Aaron Winters, Executive Director
Kalamazoo Humane Society

“Your help has been invaluable. We’ve been working on this manuscript for over a year ... finally it makes sense to us and I think it helps move the field forward. Your practical suggestions for how to target a journal, solicit the editor’s interest, and then revise the copy were most helpful.”
Caryn King, PhD, Associate Dean
College of Education
Grand Valley State University

“Jan is a true delight. Her follow-through and attention to detail are excellent!”
Paula Cersosimo, Quality Project Manager
Spectrum Health, Grand Rapids

“Jan has done editing work for me for several years. With her help, I have gained confidence in my writing and know that she will do what needs to be done to make it the best it can be. Jan has become more than a trusted colleague who assures that what I put on paper makes sense. She intuitively does what works best for me — applying a gentle editing touch to keep my intention intact while assuring that my audience gets the message. This allows my own ‘voice’ to shine through in my writing, which is very important to me. I don’t know how she does it, but she is a master at it.”
Mary Jo Asmus, Founder and President
Aspire Collaborative Services LLC

“Jan and I collaborated on The Montessori School’s publications for several years. Working with her is a dynamic and rewarding process, with open-ended discussions that usually go off in interesting directions neither of us could have predicted! Jan is organized, easy to work with, and always met our deadlines.”
Pam Boudreau, Founder and Former Head of School
The Montessori School, Kalamazoo

“You do an amazing job of capturing the essence of what I have to say and putting it into powerful, clear print.”
Susan Carson, PhD, Professor
College of Education
Grand Valley State University

“I am very pleased with how the document looks and how it reads. Thank you. It is a joy to have you as part of the team.”
Cynthia Beel-Bates, PhD, RN, Associate Professor
Kirkhof College of Nursing
Grand Valley State University

“Jan Andersen’s publication workshop, 'How to Get Happily Published in Peer-Reviewed Journals,' is one of the most popular workshops sought after by our graduate students, who place it in the top 5% of programs offered to cultivate professional development. Jan’s innovative step-by-step process provides writers with comprehensive information that demystifies the publication process and delineates a clear and concise methodology. The workshop has become a ‘must’ for novice writers endeavoring to penetrate the peer-reviewed publication world.”
Marianne Di Pierro, PhD, Director
Graduate Center for Research and Retention
Western Michigan University

“Your work is excellent and I really appreciated your support as I made my way through this project. You are ‘beyond words’ as an editor!!!!”
Joyce French-Rogers, PhD, RN, Associate Professor Emeritus
Kirkhof College of Nursing
Grand Valley State University